Matthew White

High School Keystone Heights Jr/Sr High School
ACT : 19

Sport : Football
RECRUITED BY : Kevin Wright
Height : 6'3"
Weight : 295 lbs
40 5.9

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Dear Coaches:

My name is Matt White and I am an OL/DL, c/o 2017. I am a rising junior and I am writing to inform you that I am sincerely interested in playing college football, while attaining my degree in Computer Engineering.  After my 9th grade JV football schedule was completed, I was moved up to the Varsity team indefinitely.  The Head-Varsity Coach seen my potential and wanted me to learn with the upper-classman to prepare me as a starter on the offensive tackle during my 10th grade year.  I have held this position ever since.  As we approach our upcoming schedule I will also be playing on the defensive line.  My best contribution to my team is morale and the ability to act under pressure.  I strive to talk-up my teammates in an effort to boost team morale on the offensive line.  No matter the faults or mistakes made I keep positive and radiate that positivity to my team.  When we are down and all seems lost, I keep calm and play; as simple as that.  My mom has always told me that I was born with the patience of Job. It’s really unexplainable, it’s just something I was born with.  A gift I will treasure from the Lord above.  As you will see in my film I am #62 in previous games and #77 beginning 2015 spring season.  I currently weigh in at 310 pounds and my height is 6’2 ½”. I have had constant progression and strive to get better.  I do extra running when there is no practice, I do extra footwork when there is no practice, and I also call up my teammates and we practice together on the weekends when there is no practice.  My bench max is 300 pounds and I am cleaning 250 pounds, deadlifting 455 pounds, and squatting 350 pounds. I am hitting the weight room five days a week to improve my max lifts.  My devotion and dedication has kept me a starter in the games since my sophomore year.  Currently, my GPA is 3.5, however, my goal is to graduate high school with a near 4.0.  I am also dual-enrolled with Santa Fe College and should graduate high school with my general AA degree as well.  Whether on the field or off the field my devotion stays strong and I guarantee you that you would see that devotion from me without fail.  I have dedicated my livelihood on improving and staying strong to follow pursuit.  My school has entrusted me with things such as preparing the 2014/2015 football banquet programs and the graduation programs as well that same year.  In the past I have contributed to my youth group program with my home church.  I look forward to helping the community in the near future by volunteering for our local assisted-living folks.  Given an opportunity to play for your team would be an honor and privilege unlike no other.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Matthew White

KHHS JR/SR High School

Junior Student

150 SW Satsuma St.

Keystone Heights, FL  32656


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