Kaitlin Lewis

High School Seaside

Sport : Basketball
Weight : 160 lbs

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-nice up and under counter move
-good job at driving(left), drawing the defense and make the right pass to open player
-quick release on 3 point shot..does good job at keeping the ball high
-not afraid to bring the ball up in open court, run the fast break, and attack basket
-good hesitation move with your dribble drive
-good enthusiasm to not give up on the play and hustle back on defense to block  
     shot in transition defense
-looks to finish nice and strong with left or right hand
-does good job with pick and roll(looks to seal the defense behind)
-nice dribble pull up into 3 point shot
-anticipates passing lanes on defense and not afraid to dive on the floor after 
   lose ball
-always moves on offense looking for open spot and next big play
-reads the defense and takes what defense gives her
-good job at pulling up for the jump shot
Whats good about Kaitlin's game is that she does many things well.  Also, a great asset that many college coaches will look at is that she can also be a back up point guard.  A 5'10'' point guard at that.  The pros that I listed above shows that her game is versatile and that makes her hard to guard because the defense cant gamble and predict what she's always going to do.  Like I said in pre evaluation, the key for Kaitlin will be to find a coach that will fall in love with her game and really has a need for an all around player on her team.  She had so many pros to her game that I didn't focus to much on the weaknesses.  Kaitlin naturally plays off instinct and does several things well,she just needs to focus on being patient sometimes and letting the game come to her and not forcing the issue always.  She should work on getting as many extra shots up as she can-in all situations..spot up shooting (jumpers and threes), pull up jumpers, ball handling moves and pull up or drive all the way, floaters, penetrating and finishing strong at the basket.  It's important to work on ball handling before every single practice and game. These are the lil things that will make a big difference in her game.  The most important thing also for Kaitlin would be to get stronger in the weight room and work on her agility, speed, and foot work.  I can not stress this enough.  The players that she will be playing against on the next level, will have this naturally and its something that will separate the women from the girls, if you know what I mean.  
Evaluated By: Brandi McCain (former Florida Gator and WNBA PG) 1/15/14

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