Bilal Saudi

High School Rancho Buena Vista
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1601405179

Sport : Baseball
RECRUITED BY : Greg T. Eidschun
Height : 6'0"
Weight : 185 lbs
HAND Right

Dear Coach,                                                                                                             2-12-2016


            My name is Bilal Saudi and I am currently a junior at Rancho Buena Vista High School in San Diego, California. I am 6’ 185 lb and a RHP/OF for RBV’s Varsity team this year. I have been playing baseball since I was nine years old and have dedicated my heart to this game. My passion for succeeding in baseball as well as achieving high academics has been my goal since started playing High School ball. I have a 4.5 GPA and I am taking all AP courses my junior year. I strive to achieve better grades and focus while improving myself in baseball. Not only am I a high achieving student, but I am also a Life Scout working on my Eagle Scout project to help me accomplish my dreams of making it into a good college and playing baseball. During school, I was in band since sixth grade playing Saxophone. In High School I was the leader (First Chair) for my Saxophone band section during freshman and sophomore year. I was an important factor and a leader in the ensemble in played in throughout the years. I also earned my Black Belt in Martial Arts Karate (Chinese Kempo) my freshman year of High School, thus making me aware of my mental and physical attributes that I can benefit my team with. I strive to do my best in everything I do given any opportunity in life. Being a part of your team would be such a privilege and an honor and I would be extremely thankful for. Thank you for your thoughtful considerations in possibly selecting me, “Bilal Saudi” as a new “team player” on behalf of your school.



Bilal Saudi


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