mitchell ford

High School Catholic High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1508252990

Sport : Golf
RECRUITED BY : Creighton Parker
Height : 5'9"
Weight : 125 lbs

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Dear Coach,


My name is Mitchell Ford from Little Rock, AR. I am 18 years old and wish to play golf at the highest level.  I am a senior attending Little Rock Catholic High School, a college preparatory school, and play on the golf team. I began playing the game when I was very little, but I became very serious when I was 12.  I began playing competitive tournaments when I was 13.  I am a member at Pleasant Valley Country Club in Little Rock, Arkansas and practice at least 6 days a week.  I balance golf with my academics nicely.  

My favorite part about golf is the competition. I love how much my mental game and attitude can affect the outcome of the round. I like how it doesn’t matter how I do certain things, it just matters how quickly I get the ball in the hole. I also like the level of commitment each shot in competition takes. Each shot is different, and I have to give it my full attention. At the end of the round, as long as I have gone through my routine, respected the situation I am in, and committed to the shot, there is nothing else I can do. I know that it is a good day if I do those things no matter the outcome.

My focus and desire is to play college golf. It has been my main goal since my very first tournament. During college, I plan to elevate my game to its highest potential while getting a degree. I’ve excelled in math and science all through high school.  I’m leaning towards a finance degree or engineering degree.  After college, I hope to become one of the best amateurs in Arkansas and be competitive on the national stage as well.

I developed a new motto the past couple of months, and it is “a brick a day.” This means that if I strive to make one aspect of my game better each day, I get to place a brick. If I place a brick each day, then eventually there will be a huge wall. That wall, well built, represents my golf game.


Thank you for your time,

Mitchell Ford



January 30, 2016

To Whom it may concern:

It has been my privilege to watch Mitchell Ford grow up playing golf at Pleasant Valley Country Club. I have known him since he was six years old, participating in our junior golf program. He has always been one of the top golfers in our club and has grown to become one of the top juniors in the state of Arkansas.

Mitchell’s success has greatly depended on his love for the game, work ethic, and his desire to improve. He has a thirst for knowledge when it comes to the game and the golf swing as well as the drive and determination needed to become a successful player.

It was easy to see from the beginning that Mitchell was going to have the opportunity to play golf beyond Pleasant Valley Country Club. However, what sets Mitchell apart is his character and integrity when it comes to the game of golf and our club. He has been a role model to the juniors coming behind him, always willing to help and lead by example. We consider ourselves lucky to have him as a part of our club, and only wish him great success in his bright future.

Text Box: Sincerely,
Should anyone wish to discuss this letter or Mitchell Ford, please feel free to contact me at (501) 225-2234.


Director of Golf

Pleasant Valley Country Club


January 28, 2016


To whom it may concern,


The following is a letter of recommendation regarding Mitchell Ford of Little Rock, AR. I’ve known Mitchell’s father, Doug, for many, many years. He is a fine player and a very high character individual and the same can be said about Mitchell.


Doug brought Mitchell to me approximately 2 years ago for assistance with his golf game. Since that day I’ve witnessed Mitchell improve rather dramatically. I’ve also gotten to know him and can testify to both his character and work ethic. I feel strongly that Mitchell has only begun to touch his golf capability and that, with continued hard work and time, he can develop himself into a very, very fine player. In my opinion, Mitchell is more than capable of playing collegiate golf and would make a fine addition to your program.


If any further discussion regarding Mitchell is deemed necessary, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for your time and considering Mitchell for your program!




Geoff Jones

Geoff Jones Golf



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