Murphy Sears

High School Crete High School
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1408789470
ACT : 25

Sport : Golf
STATE AND LOCAL TOURNAMENTS Placed 11th in the 2014 Nebraska Class B State Golf Tournament, 3rd Place Medal District Tournament 2014, 9th Place Medal Conference Tournament 2014, 4th Place Medal Seward Invitational 2014, 1st Place Tri-County Dual 2014,, 7th Place Medal Elkhorn I

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I was very impressed with the videos and scores provided for Lincoln, Nebraska area player Murphy Sears. Here are some thoughts as to what I believe Murphy does well along with where I think she has room for improvement:

Positives - 

- Murphy seems very athletic.

- She has shown the ability to shoot low scores on occasion.

- Full swing fundamentals are intact in regards to pre-swing (grip, posture, ball position ect.).

- Full swing motion is excellent as she completes both the backswing and follow with great timing and balance.

- Really like her putting stroke. Looks to be way above average for a junior.

- Google told me she just finished third in the Lincoln Girls City Junior shooting 84-85. Very nice. Coaches will take notice of that finish.


Areas of improvement -

- Murphy needs to add a little more weight shift to her pitch and bunker shots as she finishes a little flat footed in the finish.

- If I were her coach I would get her on a conditioning program in effort to increasing her clubhead speed and added distance with all clubs. I recommend this to all of my players.

- Keep working on her short game to help drop the higher scores posted. Not all days will your full swing be on but you always want a sharp short game to help you score. One of the   best short game instructors in the country is located in her area. His name is James Sieckmann and he is from Omaha. I would recommend she go see him for a couple lessons.

- A college coach would love to see more tournament experience. Murphy would benefit from playing in more state and regional junior golf competitions in addition to her high school events offered in Nebraska.


Overall I believe Murphy has a bright future as a golfer. In the Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado area the primary DII conference is the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. I believe Murphy would attract the attention of coaches from almost every school in this conference.


Steve Patterson

PGA Golf Professional

USA National Junior Golf Certified Coach

Hiwan Golf Club - Evergreen, CO


Name:  Murphy Sears GHIN Number:  0170806
Club Handicap Index Effective Date Low H.I.
Nebraska Junior Golf Tour
Nebraska Golf Assoc
7.5R 7/15/2014 7.5R
Nebraska Golf Assoc
7.5R 7/15/2014 7.5R
Revision ScoresRecent ScoresH.I. HistoryC.H. Calculator
Used T Date Score CR/Slope Diff. Course
* CI 7/14/14 80 68.8/117 10.8 College Heights Country Club /
  I 7/12/14 91 68.4/119 21.5 College Heights Country Club
* T 7/9/14 72 70.1/119 1.8 Knolls Golf Course
* CI 7/5/14 90 68.4/119 20.5 College Heights Country Club /
  T 7/1/14 92 69.9/117 21.3 York Country Club
* T 6/19/14 89 72.1/115 16.6 Holmes Golf Course
* CI 6/18/14 84 68.4/119 14.8 College Heights Country Club /
* CI 6/16/14 76 68.4/119 7.2 College Heights Country Club /
  T 7/2/13 92 69.9/117 21.3 York Country Club
  T 6/12/13 92 68.4/119 22.4 College Heights Country Club
* T 6/7/13 87 68.0/111 19.3 The Golf Club at Table Creek
  T 5/30/13 85 64.2/103 22.8 West Nine at Firethorn
* T 5/28/13 92 70.4/119 20.5 Holmes Golf Course
  T 7/24/12 96 70.6/114 25.2 Highlands Golf Course
* CI 7/22/12 89 68.4/119 19.6 College Heights Country Club /
  I 7/20/12 92 68.4/119 22.4 College Heights Country Club
* T 7/12/12 77 70.0/113 7.0 The Knolls Country Club

High School Coach

Scott Johnson

834 Country Club Drive

Seward, NE 68343

Cell: 402-826-9376


Greg Johannesen

Golf Professional and Instructor

West Nine and Learning Center at Firethorn

8788 Firethorn Lane

Lincoln, NE 68520

Office: 402-486-4653

Cell: 402-730-4951


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