Natalie Cvitanic

High School Santa Barbra High School
SAT : 1850

Sport : Soccer
RECRUITED BY : AFC Committed Athletes
Height : 5'10"
Weight : 140 lbs
TRAVELLING TEAM Santa Barbara Soccer Club

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Player’s Name:  Natalie Cvitanic      Grad Yr: 2015    Height: 5'10''   Weight: 140   Position: Center Back      Leading Foot:   Right

School Santa Barbra High School     GPA: 4.0   

Natalie is a great player with good speed and size for the center back position. She is aggressive 

and her leadership qualities are evident. She has high recommendations from her coach and her film 

backs up her abilities.


Natalie can read the game very well, she is aggressive and displays all the necessary skills that make 

her a college level player. She is vocal and directs the defense effectively. She has good dribbling 

ability along with distribution decisions that enable the defense to get the ball out of danger. She also 

has a strong foot and can clear the ball effectively. Her height makes her a good defender on set 

pieces and corner kicks.


Natalie plays at a very good pace but she will benefit from additional stamina training and strength 



Ball Control: Effective yet she does not hold the ball in the defensive third and looks to get rid of it 


Dribbling: She has good control and can move quickly while keeping the ball at her feet.

Attacking Ability: She makes very effective runs and distributes the ball with purpose. I have been told 

she also plays an attacking role (CF) but was not observed in her film.

Defending: She is a very aggressive defender with a good step and ability to break up an attack

Heading: She displays the ability to effectively change ball direction

Tackling: She is aggressive yet smart with her step in order to avoid the foul.

Soccer Scouting Report

Player’s Name Natalie Cvitanic

Ability Ratings 

(7* = excellent 1*= poor)

Short Pass: 4.5   Long Pass: 4.5   Right Foot: 5    Left Foot: 4   Vision: 4.5   Awareness: 4.5

Movement off the ball: 4.5    Pace: 4.5   Sharpness: 4    Mobility: 4   Body Strength 4    Work Rate 5

Effort to win the ball 5    Aggressiveness 5   Decision Making 4.5    Energetic 4.5

Leadership 5+    Communication 4.5   Competitive 5+   Team Attitude 5   Attitude 5+    Throwing 4

Summary Assessment

Natalie is a very versatile player with the ability to perform at the college level. She is aggressive and 

displays quickness in both attacking and recovering. Her understanding of her position and decision 

making abilities make her an asset to any team. She comes with high recommendations from her 

coach in both ability and leadership roles. She has a strong right foot, good dribbling and passing 

skills along with a physical presence that gives her command of her area of the field. I feel she can 

easily play D2 and with extra personal fitness and skills training may even make a D1 roster. Natalie 

will be an asset to any collegiate program.

David Farina

Athletes for College Soccer Evaluations

USSF Licensed

Committed to : Pomona College

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