Marla Larson

High School El Toro
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1305288573
SAT : 1330

Sport : Softball
RECRUITED BY : Steve Davidson
Height : 5'7"
Weight : 130 lbs
HAND Right
IP 113
ERA 2.91

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Marla is athletic, has good height and size for a softball player, and will be very successful as a college softball player.   Learning to be smooth and fluid will help her with all her skills on the field. A good strength & conditioning program can help her with her stiffness, and teach her to be more agile. 
She should work on becoming more explosive in her overall pitching mechanics. The leg drive, the arm circle & the wrist snap. Her leg drive needs improvement. Becoming more explosive off the mound will help with her speed, movement & wrist snap. You can see she isn't  as explosive because she drags the heel of her right foot.   By getting her body into a position like she is sprinting off the mound, she can push with the ball of her right foot, & not drag the heel and have more explosion in her leg action. Her hips need to stay open (sideways) throughout the entire pitch. This will also help her get more power out of her legs. It will allow her to acquire better spin on her screw, curve & rise. Because her hips close, she gets down spin on all her pitches. Which is why you see the screw, curve & rise all fall down at the end of the pitch. The releases of all her pitches need to incorporate her elbow bending. The release of a pitch is 3 actions combined… the fingers start the spin, the wrist snap is next and the elbow bending is last in order to get maximum power from the bicep muscle. You can see in Marla's releases her elbow is straight and extended. That prohibits her reaching maximum speed and movement in her pitches. 
Her control is good of the inside and outside corners. Her spin is good also. She can add speed by becoming more explosive with her overall pitch. The shorter her snap becomes, the more movement she will see.
She keeps the pitch low, which is good. But she gives the pitch away. She slows down her motion in the middle of the pitch. This will allow a hitter to see change up, keep their hands back & hit it well. She also finishes with her arm fully extended towards home plate & her left leg collapses. Not a good way to finish any pitch.
She keeps the ball on the outside corner consistently. Her spin needs to improve. It looks like an outside drop. If she can learn better curve spin, this will help her movement towards the outside corner. Also, her striding to the right of the power line and leaning a bit to the left will help her wrist snap be more violent as long as there is correct curve spin.
She keeps the ball on the inside corner consistently. Her spin needs to improve. It look like an inside drop. If she can learn better screw spin, this will help her movement towards the inside corner. She already seems to be striding to the left of the power line, which is good. But her wrist snap is weak, mainly because her elbow is straight through the release of the pitch. She loses speed & movement by not incorporating her elbow bending, which helps the wrist snap be more violent. 
She keeps the ball high consistently which is good. But her spin needs to be better. Her hips close before she releases the pitch, therefor she can not get correct rise spin & movement. She needs to be more explosive on this pitch in order for it to work correctly. 
The mechanics of her swing are sound. Her hands are smooth. She has a good idea of what she should be doing throughout her swing. Her pitch selection is good, and she has patience at the plate.
If she can learn to be more explosive & use the lower half of her body correctly, this will help her immensly. Begin by having a better load. Stay away from spinning & rotating her hips before contact. By rotating her hips before contact she makes it extremely difficult to hit a change up or an outside pitch up the middle or opposite field. Her hands are a bit slow through the hitting zone, and by dropping her right elbow she lifts the ball while she is swinging, which also changes her eye level.
Overall, she is a sound athletic softball player both as a hitter and pitcher. Everyone can improve their skills on the field, & with proper coaching and hard work Marla can become the athlete she wants to be and play softball at the next level. 
Evaluation by: Nancy Evans (2 Time NCAA All American Pitcher for Arizona Wildcats) 7/22/14

Marla Larson Fall Schedule

Travel team:
California Raiders 18/u Gold
  • September:
  • Sep 12, 2014 - Sep 14, 2014: Running Rebels Showcase - Stockton
  • Sep 27, 2014 - Sep 28, 2014: Surf City Showcase
  • October:
  • Oct 10, 2014 - Oct 12, 2014: Surf City Fall Showcase
  • Oct 17, 2014 - Oct 19, 2014: Surf City Halloween Showcase
  • Oct 24, 2014 - Oct 26, 2014: Surf City Halloween Showcase
  • November:
  • Nov 21, 2014 - Nov 23, 2014: Surf City Early Thanksgiving Showcase


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Committed to : Humbolt State University D2

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