Alyssa Farr

High School El Toro
NCAA Eligibility Number : 1310521350
SAT : 1520
SAT Math : 560
SAT Writing : 440
SAT Reading : 520

Sport : Softball
RECRUITED BY : Steve Davidson
Height : 5'6"
Weight : 135 lbs
HAND Right
AB 112
BATTING AVERAGE .339 (Combined 2 year avg.)

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Evaluation for Alyssa Farr:
Defense Fundamentals:
- Does a great job taking two hands to the ball when throwing down to second. Two hands always makes your throws quicker and more accurate because it keeps everything close and the throw sound.
- Release is quick. No unnecessary movements add to thd great throw down speeds. Times are great.
- Throwing from the knees shows good arm strength and accuracy. 
- Framing was among the best I've seen. Does a great job only moving the glove. Keeps body still which is so important.  Umpires dont want to see obvious movements. Catchers are silent manipulators when it comes to framing and making pitchers look good. 
- Blocking technique very good. Keeping chest forward and the ball in front. I love the pop up into a throwing position . Always ready to throw and aware. You cant teach awareness of the field.
Areas for improvement for Defense:
- Stay low when standing to throw. Butt comes up too high and you will lose precious time. Keep knees bent. Butt shouldn't be higher than shoulders. 
- Always field bunts with two hands and stay low when fielding.

Hitting Fundamentals:
- Good extension on the swing.
- Strong hand and wrist action
-Does a great job keeping head in on contact. Should see eyes on the bat when contact is made.
- Very good bunting technique. 

Areas of Improvement for Hitting:
- Pitch is slow so bat looks slow. Explode on contact and get as much power behind the swing. (Game video will help this)
- Even more power in the legs. Leg drive will add bat speed and power. You will hit it farther and more solid on the bat.
- Show the range of the field where the ball is hit. Hit to all fields to show range of pitch location. Hitting opposite field is a huge plus for recruiters.
- show base running speeds. Running  looks sound but without game film, it can be hard to tell.

Overall, Alyssa is going to have a successful D1 career. She will get work on the little things that will elevate her game but the foundation is strong and she will make an impact.
Evaluated by: Janna Sartini, former D1 Catcher at the Univeristy of Illinios. 

Fall Schedule:
  1. Surfcity   ---   Weekends of Oct 10th and then Oct 18th  --  Huntington Beach
  2. America's Finest   ---   Weekend of November 8th  --  Hemet
Committed to : St Thomas Aquinas University D2

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