Paige Redmond

High School Har-Ber HS
ACT : 23

Sport : Basketball
Weight : 140 lbs
POSITION Shooting Guard

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-very good shooter, but she needs to want to become a scorer and not one dimensional
-does good job looking for and feeding the post players
-good catch and shoot shooter
-sees floor well and makes correct pass and on time
-nice three point shot, good form..
-did good job on the few times i saw her drive to the basket...needs to drive more and work on mid range game
-has a bad habit of catching the ball and holding it over head, while looking for the next play...needs to always be in triple threat position (attack mode) so the defense cant predict what youre going to do
-gets lazy on defense and stands a lot
-doesnt box out, just depends on her talent to get her the rebound
-needs to penetrate more often and attack the gaps, especially against a zone..that will open things up for teammates and also create shots for herself
-more energy on defense, same energy she plays with on offense she needs to have that same passion on defensivie end..DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE
-does not use left hand or drive on ball handling overall drills
-need to get to free throw line more
-sits back to much instead of being aggressive and making things happen..sometimes she just blended in with the other players
Paige is a good player and should not have a problem getting a scholarship.  There is a college team out there that will need a player like her.  After watching her game film, I would have to classify her as a shooter, but I think she has the potential to become a scorer and a better all around guard.  I advise her to take time to start working on her ball handling and dribbling so she can play some point guard.  That will give her more options to get a scholarship.  Her left hand needs the most work. She would put the ball in her left hand to dribble but would immediately go back to the right. Also, she has no passion to play defense.  On the defensive end she gets lazy and stands around.  Everyone is excited and has energy to play on the offensive end, but who wants to play on defense.  Ill tell you who, the great ones do.  She has to change her mindset when it comes to defense.  Im interested to see how Paige would perform against a court full of athletes?  On the game film I watched, all the players were pretty much the same.  Paige should get in the weight room to get stronger and do some agility work for speed and quickness.  Paige has potential to play on the NAIA, D2 and D3 level now, but if she is really dedicated to getting better and changing some things about her game I don't see why she can't play on a D1 team.
Evaluated By: Brandi McCain (Former Florida Gator and WNBA PG)  3/1/14


The Main Event - LIttle Rock, May 17-18

Fayetteville Memorial Day Classic - Fayetteville, AR, May 23-25

Blazers Tounament - Bentonville, AR June 7-8

Top 72 Elite - Fayetteville, AR, June 28-29

Run for the Roses - Lexington KY, July 5-8

Nike Tournament of Champions - Chicago IL, July 9-12

Basketball on the Bayou - New Orleans, July 22-25

Houston Elite Showcase- Houston, TX, July 26-27

Future Stars Showcase Sept 27th and 28th

Committed to : Central Missouri University D2

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