College Recruiting, changing with the times


Writer San Diego Union Tribune, North County Times

There was once a time when college recruiting was pretty simple. You waited around for a college to come calling.

Those days are long gone.

But the process does not have to be as arduous and scary as it appears, especially to athletes and families involved in it for the first time.

Athletes For College has adopted a protocol to simplify the entire process and, at the same time, making it less stressful for families and recruiters.

Athletes can still be proactive in the process and should be. It’s their life that will be affected by the most important decision to this point in their life.

Getting to that point can take a number of different paths. Many recruiting services have adopted differing methods.

For AFC, that process includes a mix of attention by the athlete and the family as well as the company, starting from the moment the athlete signs up to be Premium Member.

The athlete profile contains the information you would expect to find ---- statistics, grade point average, core class GPA, SAT and ACT scores.

What sets AFC apart is the evaluation process of each athlete by sport-specific evaluators. Every sport has its own evaluator and not only does that expert break down the athlete’s on-the-field skills but determines what level of college competition that athlete best fits from Division I all the way to NAIA and junior colleges.

Once a level is fixed, the athlete’s profile, complete with highlight video, is marketed to colleges at that designated level. Special efforts are made to determine if the athlete has any special requests such as what part of the country they are interested in, any religious considerations or choice of majors and then to factor those into which schools are targeted.

Colleges have come to know what Athletes For College brings to the recruiting process and opens their emails because coaches understand the athlete has undergone some kind of scrutiny, eliminating that task from them.

The last thing college coaches at Division II, III and NAIA have time for is to open every single email they receive. They don’t have enough hours in the day to do that.

AFC does it for them.

What the athlete gets is interest from colleges that match his athletic skill and his academic desire for a one-time cost of $1,295.

And the family does not have to spend countless hours worrying that they’re doing the right thing. AFC takes care of that as well.


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