Keystone’s Trimble to play soccer at Clearwater Christian

Keystone Heights High School senior Raychel Trimblehelped the Indians compete for and win district championships. Now, she gets the chance to be part of a program that has been competing at the highest level among Division II colleges.Trimble signed a letter of intent to play soccer at Clearwater Christian College during a May 1 ceremony in the KHHS media center. Clearwater Christian won the Division II national champion in 2013 and was the national runner-up this past season.“It’s awesome,” Trimble said. “They’re graduating a bunch of seniors, so I’m ready to get in there, work hard and hopefully earn a starting spot wherever they need me.”Trimble had offers from approximately 50 schools through her involvement with the Athletes for College recruiting service. She was just about ready to settle on going to school at McPherson (Kan.) College until Clearwater Christian came through.“I love how it’s only two hours from home versus 16 hours in Kansas,” Trimble said. “It’s awesome.”Clearwater Christian coaches watched Trimble during her play at the club level. Head coach Mark Bates said what he observed was a player with a strong work ethic and a strong skill set.“I like that her first touch is good. She keeps the ball close,” Bates said. “Then she gets her head up, and she looks to play the ball. She’s an unselfish player, in general. In fact, I might want her to be a little more selfish at times, but she’s very willing to get her head up and play in combination with the people around her.“That’s a good strength to have, especially in soccer. It’s such a team game.”

During Trimble’s visit to the Clearwater Christian campus, Bates show an immediate bond form between Trimble and his current players. “When we got her down to visit, she fit in very nicely with our girls,” Bates said. “I think she’s going to be an excellent player in college.” Trimble had 73 goals and 24 assists in her KHHS career, with the bulk of those numbers occurring in the last three seasons. Former KHHS head coach David McCollum, who coached Trimble for five years, said that production can get even better at the next level as Trimble plays with a team full of players that can perform at a high level and is exposed to different methods of moving the ball. “It’ll provide not only more opportunities, but also different opportunities,” McCollum said, adding, “I think that will work out well for her.” Trimble wanted to play soccer so bad at the next level. Clearwater Christian is giving her the chance, and Trimble can only envision how good it’s going to feel to step onto the field for the first time as a collegiate player. “I think that’s going to be amazing,” she said.