Why Choose Us

The first thing most parents who are venturing into the world of college recruiting for the first time want to know is this most basic question:

I want to get my child a college athletic scholarship, but how do I start this process?

Athletes For College has a proven track record when it comes to securing deserving student athletes athletic and academic scholarships.

The biggest asset AFC can offer is access to college coaches.  Athletes for College has developed great relationships with college coaches over the years of helping them with their recruiting needs.  AFC uses former professional athletes/coaches and former Division 1 athletes/coaches  to evaluate each athlete.  These evaluator's break down an athlete's ability to to determine what College level they will be able to compete and earn scholarships at.  College coaches appreciate the evaluation process by a qualified person who knows what ability it takes to play at each College level.

99.4 percent of emails with AFC Premium Athlete Profiles are being opened by college coaches.  Each Premium Player’s Profile that includes Game, skill and/or highlight video, Sport Specific Statistics, NCAA Eligibility Number, Scouting Report from AFC Sport Specific Professional, and Academic Records,  Most collegiate coaches don’t have the time to look through 10's to 100's of emails they receive from athletes/families everyday.  College coaches know when they receive an email comes from AFC, the athlete has the athletic ability to compete at their University.

If the college coach is interested in recruiting the AFC premium athlete after viewing his/her profile, the college coach will reach out through email, phone or mail to start the recruiting process with him/her.  It is then up to the individual athlete to respond and communicate with each coach that is interested in him/her and allow these coaches to get to know them.  Each athlete will be assigned a recruiting specialist to guide them through this recruiting process.  A great feature about AFC, is that at No time will an athlete or family be left alone during their recruiting process.  There will be many questions athletes/families will have for AFC at the start and during their recruiting years.  Let AFC use our experience in college recruiting to guide you and help this be an enjoyable experience for you.  This will help each athlete focus on their high school sports and academics!

Athletes For College success rate of gaining college scholarships for Premium Members is an impressive 95%.

The cost is only $1,395.  That’s the one-time price (payment plans available) for doing what most parents don’t have time to do. This is only a fraction  of what each athlete will earn in their scholarship package.  Let AFC help maneuver  you through the recruiting process and be an aid in gaining a college athletic scholarship.

Start a Free Basic Profile at www.athletesforcollege.com today, and a recruiting specialist will call you to help you get started!