Desi Relaford Athletes For College Evaluator

Desi Relaford
Director of Baseball Evaluations “Eastern USA”

Career Highlights

Desmond “Desi” Relaford was born in Valdosta, GA on September 16, 1973. He was drafted in 1991 in the 4th round of the MLB draft as a shortstop by the Seat-tle Mariners. Relaford was the youngest player in the league each of his first three seasons. He didn’t take long to open some eyes and garner attention as he was named the starting shortstop in the 1992 Carolina League All Star Game as an eighteen-year old kid. The following year he made the jump to double-A. Relaford was a minor league all-star in 1992, 1994, 1995 and was named the International League’s most exciting player in 1996 along with other accolades. Desi debuted with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1996. He played ss during his four year stint there and then went on to become one of the games top super utility men. Desi was known for his arm strength and was regarded as having one of the best arms in the league. Relaford started and played every position except for catcher. Being a switch-hitting defensive specialist made him a valuable asset to each and every team he played for and not to mention extended his playing career. Desi made filling out the line-up card a lot easier for all of his managers (Terry Francona, Bobby Valentine, Lou Piniella, Tony Pena, Clint Hurdle…) because they knew he could play anywhere and that the team wouldn’t miss a beat regardless of where he played or who he may be filling in for. As a matter of fact Relaford more than likely upgraded the position he was penciled in at. Playing all those different positions gives him a very unique vantage point as he’s seen the game from more angles than most people and probably has a pretty interesting perspective on the game. Desi finished his playing career in 2007 with the Texas Rangers after a seven team, eleven season, major league career.

Desi is by no means your run of the mill, typical athlete. He has an artsy outside the box approach to life. The combination of an insatiable appetite for knowl-edge and the need to achieve and remain at peak condition, led Desi to Holistic/Alternative healing. Desi prefers holistic physicians due to his belief that all we need as humans is what was naturally placed here on earth for earth. Desi practices Yoga and Pilates for the mind, body, and spirit. He actually tried the Vegetar-ian diet for two years, but discovered that meat was vital to his sustenance as an athlete. Now that his playing days are behind him the vegetarian diet is much easier to maintain. Not only does Desi utilize natural healing in a patient’s capacity, he is also a Reiki (pronounced- Ray-key) practitioner. Reiki is a Japanese healing art discovered in the 19th century. Desi has also experienced Acupuncture, Reflexology, Rolfing, Ayurveda and numerous other natural healing methods.

Desi’s father taught him not to conform. He has carried that trait from an early age. Desi believes that living this way makes it easy to be who you are as opposed to who you are supposed to be and gain knowledge of self. So Desi didn’t look at playing the violin, piano, or bass as being lame. He understood that being the president of the Spanish National Honor Society may not have been the "coolest" thing he could have done, but ask his Latin peers how cool he is when he speaks to them in their native tongue.

Desi’s love for music is innate, but was cultivated at an early age. He played the piano at seven. He joined the orchestra in Junior High, where he played the violin and the bass. This love has spawned an eclectic taste in music that ranges from AC/DC to MF Doom to Johan Sebastian Bach to Kendrick Lamar. He grew up during the Golden Age of Hip Hop, so its only fitting that he threw his hat into the Hip Hop Arena and started his own independent record label, 6 Hole Re-cords. Initially he was just the moneyman, but lately he’s been making his own beats and works on his DJ set from time to time.

Since finishing his baseball career Relaford put the music on hold and went back to college, the University of North Florida, and majored in Nutrition and Dietet-ics. Afterwards he then pursued and attained a two-year AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) holistic certification from the Institute of Inte-grative Nutrition. Relaford has recently partnered his nutrition consulting practice, The Desi Relaford Health Alternative, with renowned meditation expert and guru, Michele Brown of Boston, MA. They are Relaford & Brown: Nutrition and Meditation Solutions For Athletes. Desi is also a very active member and part-ner of the MLBPAA (Major League Baseball Player’s Alumni Association). He does baseball camps all over the world and does private lessons and consultations with student athletes and their families.

Desi is now proud to be a part of Cope Sports International, an Atlanta based Sports agency. He feels that his particular skill set will allow him to assist future stars, fathers, and businessmen navigate their careers, during and post, while maximize on their success potential. Relaford looks forward to changing the ill asso-ciated stereotypes of “the agent”.