Jacqueline Van Andel Athletes For College Evaluator

Jacqueline Van Andel
Rowing Evaluator

Women's Varsity Coach
Long Beach Junior Crew - Long Beach, CA
I started rowing when I was about twelve, but quickly r
ealized I had found my passion. For me, rowing repre-
sented more than an athletic after-school activity, it a
llowed me to develop my mind and body while learnin
the benefits of teamwork and rewards of achievement. An
d I was good at it – during my novice year, my
quad went through an entire season unbeaten, and went
on to win numerous races in state, regional and na-
tional competitions.
Rowing is a unique sport, as today’s fastest growing NCA
A sport, it requires tremendous concentration,
mental and physical discipline, athleticism, collaboratio
n and training. When it’s performed at its most optima
level, it maybe the most dynamic synchronized team spo
rt out there – and a beautiful thing to watch.
During the past fourteen years, I have enjoyed partici
pating at an elite level as well as coaching and train
other elite rowers. I’ve found I have a knack for spott
ing and training talented and dedicated athletes to
form at or above their own personal expectations.
While a coach at the west coast’s oldest and most venerabl
e rowing venue, the Pete Archer Rowing Center,
in Long Beach, CA., it was my privilege to lead high
school-age athletes from all over Southern California
offering a safe and productive environment to train
and compete. I also offered training and instruction t
o low
-income and high-risk youths whom might never have an a
bility or chance to hone and leverage their athletic
talent in order to help them into college. As a resul
t, many of my charges have made it into some of the mo
prestigious universities in the country. I am truly prou
d for any part I’ve played in helping make that a po
Rowing has provided an opportunity for me to excel at
something that a proportionate few have had the
chance to experience. It is my passion and purpose to pro
mote the sport of rowing, its physical benefits, its
achievements, its collaboration, to the new generation
s of athletes who have what it takes to go for it.