Unfortunately that is not true. Less than 1% of all graduating high school athletes receive a Division I scholarship. With most college recruiting budgets having around $1,000.00 to recruit, the chances of being discovered by college coaches are slim. This is why at AFC we bring the coaches to you! With our athlete-matching database we will have college coaches discovering you who would that never would have seen you before.
Questionnaires are not an indication of interest. Most colleges send up to 10,000 questionnaires every season for only 10 available scholarships. Always fill out each questionnaire, even if you have no intention of attending that college. Coaches talk and character goes a long way.
No. College coaches can not return your call and email you. You are permitted to call as often as you like, and if you get a hold of the coach, he is then permitted to talk with you. Don't be discouraged, the coach is just following NCAA rules.
College coaches depend on verified information from reliable sources about prospects as young as 7th grade. Most coaches attend tournaments, games and camps with a list of student athletes they will evaluate, not with the hopes of discovering prospects. More than 84% of Division I prospects are identified by the end of their sophomore year. You need to be pro-active in getting your name, academic scores and athletic achievements in front of coaches as soon as you can. Make sure your athletic ability, recruiting information and academic qualifications have been verified by credible sources that college coaches trust.
No. There are over 1,800 U.S. colleges and universities that sponsor collegiate athletics and are able to offer financial packages. More than 94% of those opportunities fall outside of DI programs. Have clear expectations of the college programs you qualify for which are based on your athletic and academic performance, whether that's DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, or NJCAA. (And, yes, DIII schools provide financial packages, too!) Great schools exist at all levels. Expand your horizons and increase your odds. The more schools in your pool, the better your chances.
The average high school coach has contact with fewer than five college coaches and most of them are local. Student-athletes and their families are ultimately responsible for connecting with college coaches.Don't eliminate 99% of your options by relying solely on your high school or club coach. Meet with your coaches and gain a clear understanding of who will be responsible for every aspect of your recruiting process. Take ownership of your effort. Show as much desire in the recruiting process as you do in your sport!