Dana and I wanted to take a moment and express our sincere gratitude for your help in the recruiting process of our daughter Ashley. Ashley had a huge basketball season this year as a junior. She led the state or was top 10 in many statistical categories, was named all conference, played in the all-state game. However, she played at a very small school at the 1A level. She had enough credits to graduate early and we decided to go that route in March. At the time, she was being recruited by a handful of schools for the 2018 school year.

Your service came recommended to us and we decided to hire you in assisting us in this process. With your guidance, we came up with a list of schools that Ashley was interested in and we thought would be a good fit for her academically and athletically. Additionally, your assistance with the letter she was sending out was also invaluable.

We assumed she would be contacted by 5 to 10 schools, as her situation was unique with graduating early and based on the time of the year our assumption was most schools fill their recruiting class for this upcoming fall. Much to our surprise and delight, Ashley was contacted by 120 schools within a four-day period after you sent out her letter. She was contacted by all Divisions - I, II, and III.

As a result of the overwhelming response, we went on a 45 day recruiting trip that consisted of 14 states and 22 cities. She received a couple Division II scholarships during this process. What was very eye-opening for us was the quality of DIII schools out there we had never heard of that you exposed us to. We also were pleasantly surprised by the amount of academic, merit-based, and alumni money that was offered to Ashley at the DIII level. With your guidance, this process truly opened our eyes to the many schools out there that are incredible academic institutions with solid athletic programs that we would never have known about without your service.

Ashley made her final decision last week and has decided to become a member of the Big Red basketball team at Denison University!

We cannot thank you enough for your assistance in this process. We also could not be happier with the results. Based on your expertise and incredibly hard work with us in this unique situation that required immediate action, we feel that Ashley has landed in a perfect place both academically and athletically for this upcoming fall.


Dana and Brad Licht

Brad Licht Colorado

To be honest, I am not quite sure where to start. This has been quite a journey. Since we signed up, I think that Clayton received over 20 emails from D3 schools and a couple of junior colleges. At any one time, we were in regular contact with a schools from Oregon, 2 schools in Illinois, one in Wisconsin and one in Ohio. As we came into March, we had already visited NC Wesleyan and Illinois College out in Jacksonville, IL, which has been nationally ranked off and on during the past 5 seasons. We were waiting for Concordia University Wisconsin to come on line after they sent a very attentive initial letter and Clay’s acceptance letter. With all those things going on, we were waiting to take a very important trip to Ohio Northern University, which was ranked #19 in the country during this past season and is a member of the Ohio Athletic Conference. Also in that conference is Mount Union, #1 in the country and #15 John Carroll. So, Clay is going to be competing for a job on one of the D3 programs that consistently is playing deep into the National Championship picture.
On our visit to Ohio Northern University, Clay was very excited and they treated us very well. Clay was on his own visit and not lumped with a pack of other prospects. We ate lunch with the head coach, Dean Paul for over 30 mins. and had a great conversation. Clay’s position coach met us at the hotel the evening we arrived and had all the details for the visit. Bottom line, ONU is a highly professional ran program and they have an outstanding system for holding their players accountable for their time management and football production. They are committed to developing outstanding young men as well as outstanding football players.
Clay has committed to ONU and we have paid our admissions deposit. He was accepted to ONU a while ago, so all we had to do was pay the deposit. We are having a bbq on Saturday, April 2, to celebrate his birthday (which is actually March 27) and have a little signing party for him. I think that ONU has sent him the paper that he can get pictures signing. I guess we can update his profile picture with his commitment to ONU as well.
I can’t thank you and your staff enough for all your help and guidance for us. We are very excited for what the future holds. GO POLAR BEARS!!!!
S R Pinheiro

Clayton Pinheiro Florida

Athletes For College representative Kevin Wright has been very supportive during our journey to get our daughter set up for interviewing colleges. He has taken the stress off of me, as a parent, as to how to get my daughter's information to the major colleges for potential athletic scholarship offers. Kevin has been available for questions in all areas including ACT and SAT related issues. I found that it was important, as a concerned parent, to take the lead with reading the e-mails and responding immediately. There were so many schools to research for academics as well as athletics while looking for the perfect fit. Parents have to get involved and organized early in the process, or it can be a real mess. There were times of frustration during the process, but I always felt I could express my thoughts to Kevin and get beneficial input from him. During frustrating times you sometimes have to hear things as they are, and not as you might believe them to be. Kevin was always honest, respectful and professional with me even during those frustrating times, for both of us I am sure. At first it is seems like a lot to invest; however, the return in the end is so worth it. My only regret is that we didn’t get involved with AFC sooner. The initial investment has been returned to us many times over, and we have shown our child that we believe in her and are willing to invest in her for her future. Thanks again Kevin. We will see you again in 8 years when our youngest will be getting to the age where we should have started the process this time.

Christine Haney "Mom"

Naomi Proctor Fl

From: Alphonso Howlett []
Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2015 5:58 AM
To: Jim Beck
Subject: Re: Luka Jovicic 6'8" JUCO transfer

Thank you for providing me with this information, and yes Alex has been a great help to me along this process.
Please keep an eye open for any later prospects that are 6'5 range or better looking to attend a small college.
You guys are an extension of ever coaches staff. Your work it truly appreciated.
Coach Howlett
"Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are." - John Wooden
Alphonso Howlett
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
College of St. Joseph

Alphonso Howlett

"Before AFC I had no colleges looking at me. I went to every camp, showcase around with no luck. But once I found athletes for college I ended up with a little over 20 scholarships for football after my senior season!"

James Pak WA

As a parent there are times where lack of knowledge of how the recruiting game for college can lead to disaster. My son Matt has been able to excel in every level of football in which he has played. After this past season was over we were very disappointed in the lack of attention from colleges.

During Christmas break it was a conversation with his O-Line coach which allowed him to get in contact with Chase Baker a former alum who is working on behalf of Athletes for College a national recruiting firm for colleges. He agreed to present Matt’s highlights to gauge if there was a possibility of getting any kind of feelers. After a conference call on January 1st and being told that we were late in the game so to speak, AFC agreed to take Matt on.

Within a week Matt’s profile was built and notifications were sent out on a Monday morning. Within minutes it seemed like Matt’s cell phone and email stated to light up.

Over the course of the next 60 days Matt was able to select the first school which called and was offered a very attractive scholarship package.

If it were not for the outstanding staff of AfC Matt more than likely would have been headed to Jr College.

I would recommend AfC to anyone. I do recommend that parents need to engage earlier in the process that what we did, it will only increase the opportunities.


Greg Tyler

Matt Tyler CA

Brighton Gibbs Keystone Heights, FL

We were very happy to have worked with Pam Monk at Athletes for College. Navigating the road to play soccer in college is difficult to say the least.
And then add to that journey the competition for a school's limited athletic funds and you will learn very quickly why Pam will add tremendous value to the process.
She had the ability of opening doors that were not previously opened as well as introducing us to schools we did not even have on our radar. She not only exceeded our
expectations with her knowledge and ability but her relational skills were excellent as well. She stayed in touch with us constantly which is a testament to her devotion and passion
for her job. We were glad we chose AFC and Pam Monk.


Grayson Wilkes Florida

I am writing this letter to any and all parents who have the opportunity to work with Angelo Butierres and Athlete’s for College. I reached out to Mr. Butierres last August to help my son Justice Littrell in his recruiting process. The only regret I have now is that I wish I would have reached out to him a couple years sooner. We were a little behind in the recruiting process for Justice but that did not slow Angelo down. Angelo and Ben Nelson did an unbelievable job of scouting and analyzing Justice quickly. Angelo put together an unbelievable highlight film that really showed who my son was in 4 minutes. Along with the help of Ben Nelson, Angelo started hitting the phones. He is a very relentless individual who does not take “no” for an answer. Mr. Butierres kept me in the loop on and almost every day basis and worked extremely hard for my son. I was an extremely active father in my sons recruiting process but there is just no way that I could have dedicated the countless hours that Angelo gave our family. He has taken a personal interest in my son. Justice considers Angelo a trusted advisor and friend. Justice, AKA “THE BUS” has just signed his scholarship to be a tiger at Fort Hayes State University in Kansas!!!! I highly recommend Angelo Butirres, Ben Nelson and Athlete’s for College. Angelo Butierres is a man that can be trusted with your son or daughter to the highest degree. He is a man of his word and I wanted to write a few statements for Angelo for any parents considering their child’s future. Thanks Angelo! Go Tigers!
Vaughn Littrell

Justice Littrell Colorado

"Athletes for College helped tremendously in getting our daughter looked at by many colleges across the nation. Before them, it was very difficult to even get noticed by any college, let alone get a response from them. If it wasn't for them, our daughter would not have gotten so many offers to play softball for so many good schools. Steve Davidson was a great help in the whole process from getting our daughter's profile setup, to making sure she had a good college letter to send out, to following up with schools that our daughter was interested in. Thanks to Athletes for College and Steve Davidson, our daughter just gave her verbal commitment to a NCAA D2 school on the East Coast! We are all very happy!"


Mia Montoya California

Baseball Premium member Bryce Plummer on his experience with AFC.

Bryce Plummer FL

Raychal Trimble California

“Athletes for College and Ben Nelson have been amazing partners in the college search for my daughter to continue her volleyball career. We were amazed with 49 universities responding within two months of AFC posting my daughter’s profile. There is no way we could have done this on our own. It clearly exceeded our expectations. In hindsight, I wish we had turned to AFC for my son who is a Collegiate Baseball Player. Our efforts to find him a university would have been much easier had we known about AFC at the time. We have already shared AFC with three families who are seeking to continue their daughters’ athletic endeavors and we will continue to market AFC to anyone who is looking for assistance.”
Scott Harris (dad of 5’8’’ OH Courtney Harris)

Courtney Hariis California

Our family became involved with Athletes for College about 15 months ago. Our daughter was a sophomore in High School and had a goal of playing soccer at the collegiate level. We thought she had the skills but wanted an unbiased, objective evaluation of her potential to play beyond high school. We are a very busy family and did not know or understand the process of how to match her athletic ability with a collegiate level soccer program. Today, after choosing Athletes for College and trusting in their expertise, our daughter who is a junior in High School, was offered a scholarship at a Division II school where she will achieve her dream. Athletes for College did exactly what they said they would do. They evaluated her skills, gave an honest opinion of her potential, created her profile and helped narrow the search of schools to those that fit our goals. We had several schools to evaluate and in the region of the U.S. we chose. In the end, we made a choice that we are truly excited about. Athletes for College does the leg work. They will get you the exposure your athlete will need. They understand the recruiting process. If you do what they require of you, and there is some work that needs to be done, we believe you will be rewarded, as our daughter was. Would we do it again? Yes. Was it worth the cost? Absolutely. Our final advice. Start early, have the dialogue with them and let Athletes for College manage and market your athlete’s ability.


Tom, Deb and Nikky Farnsworth

Nikky Farnsworth South Dakota

To Whom it May Concern,
Ben Nelson at Athletes for College was very helpful in our search for a college for our daughter. She is a senior in high school and we didn’t know what to do. We got in contact with him and the rest was easy. All I had to do is get him game video and he did the rest. Right away we started getting emails and calls that we needed to follow up with. If I ever had questions Ben was there to answer and help me through situations. Ben has your best interest at heart and will do his best to get you all the contacts and from there it is up to you.

Dori DeLaunay Oregon

To anyone looking into Athletes for College as a way to get their child noticed and admitted and signed as a scholarship athlete, I would highly recommend them. My Daughter, Ileana, has had a promising golf career in high school and really plays well. Though she plays and scores as well as others that were pursuing coaches and scholarships on their own, my daughter was not as driven in this regard. She in fact did not even apply to obvious schools that she could get into and whom would be interested in her for her game.
After contacting Ben with AFC, he helped develop her profile and had her video proofed and fixed up to draw the most attention. AFC/He then contacted many coaches at universities that we gave him in locales that we would be happy with. Soon the coaches started contacting her via email giving their email addresses and phone numbers asking her to contact them. Some were out of state and some were in state. We did visit a university that is near us, planned a visit, she played a few holes of golf with the team and as expected impressed them with her game. The coach immediately told us she could give us some financial help and that more would come as she became more of a player and went from frosh to soph to junior and to senior, as that is how she does it. The coach even had the admissions process reopened for her, as she was late in applying, and it looks like she has a bright future at a nearby university and will fulfill her dreams of playing golf in college.
I am totally excited for the opportunity that was presented for her via AFC and heartily recommend their services.

Dave Mac Donald California

Teri Stanley Florida

My senior year of high school went great, I had all state honors but no contact from any colleges. I thought I might be done playing baseball... After connecting with Athletes for College I set up my profile and within 2 months I had received 142 college questionnaires. I then chose Azusa Pacific and that opened the door s to get me where I am now. Thank you AFC !

Kirk Nieuwenhuis #72 of the New York Mets

I have been a girls basketball coach for over 15 years. We usually see none or maybe one college scholarship every couple seasons. 5 years ago I met with Terrie at AFC and she has increased our scholarships to 4 a season. The AFC evaluation process sends the players profile to the level of college they are best suited to play in. This has helped our program because my players now know there is life as a college basketball player if they work hard !

Sherry S. Highlands Ranch CO

We were in a really bad situation. My son Michael hurt his shoulder fall of his junior year. This caused him to miss his senior year. As a 6'3 235 lb pitcher he was getting plenty of looks but after the injury even our local community college would not show any interest. I contacted Greg at athletes for college. He came out and worked with my son for over 4 hours, after the workout he told me that Michael had the ability and seemed healthy but it would be tough without a senior season of stats. 3 weeks later we received a phone call from Coach Boeve coach of Hastings College, Nebraska, offering Michael a scholarship to play for his program. Thank you AFC.

Chris. Golden CO

I just wanted to call and thank AFC for their concern in accepting my nephew for the premium membership. I got a call from Greg who informed me that my nephew was too young to do an evaluation and since this was the case they were not comfortable accepting my money for the premium membership. I explained to Greg that this is the best gift I can think of for my nephew. Giving him the best opportunity to obtain a scholarship when he gets older. I pay 5 times that every year for his soccer club anyway. If it turns out that he does not have the ability then it was a good investment anyway as we would have given him his best chance!!. BTW after signup he received a call from an ex professional athlete, motivating him to succeed both in the classroom and on the field. He was beyond himself and told all his classmates about it the next day. I really appreciate the concern and honesty that AFC provided. Best regards.

Gina U. Riverside CA